May 19, 2015

The death penalty: Empathy and morality

By Cody Wilkerson  

Something stands out in human beings. It is something that is lacking from almost every other living thing on the planet. It has allowed us to build great civilizations, make amazing leaps in science and medicine, create laws to protect each other, and institute moral codes to keep our societies from fading to the pages of history. It has allowed us to make sweeping social reforms with the sole purpose of helping others, specifically those who may not be as privileged as everyone else; the poor, the sick, the hungry. 
The list goes on and on as does the advancement of society and human achievement, yet this one characteristic remains as a shining beacon of what it means to be human: empathy.
The ability to place oneself in another’s shoes is a responsibility that we should all practice with stalwart dedication and fairness. It is not some archaic philosophy to be shirked as though it were irrelevant in our modern society. When people do not practice empathy, it is replaced by indifference, and this allows great injustices to occur. We have a responsibility not just as Americans, but as human beings to make sure that injustice does not take place, and empathy is our greatest tool in this struggle.
Our nation is one that is analyzed (but not admired) by everyone. We have constantly placed ourselves at the head of the pack in seemingly every category there is, and when we ran out of things to be great at, we invented something new so we could be the best at that too. We lead the world by example, yet we are falling behind in ways that are disturbing to think about. We have allowed ourselves to become cold and unfeeling, casting aside our neighbors into hellish environments without a

May 8, 2015

Have some fun this summer

By Catelynn Mueller
Go to for the Clinton area calendar of events.

            As the school semester is coming to an end, summer is approaching. There are many activities that you could go out and do, instead of staying inside your house and watching television or playing video games.
            One fun summer activity would be going to the drive in movies. There is a drive in movie theatre located in Delmar, Iowa. It is five miles south of Maquoketa on highway 61 just off of  exit 153. The actual address is 1228 Old US Highway 61, Delmar, Iowa.
            In Clinton, the local riverfront bike path goes along the dike, along the Mississippi river all the way to Eagle Point Park. You can get together with your friends and either walk or ride your bike along the path. Get outside, be active, and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.
            Located in Galena, Illinois is the Alpine slide at the  Chestnut Mountain Resort. The Alpine slide is a giant slide that goes down 2,050 feet, and then you take the ski lift back up to the top.

A child’s first pet should be a tarantula or an insect. Yes, a tarantula or an insect.

By Pamela Espitia
B. vagans tarantula

            The very first time I saw a real tarantula was on YouTube.  A man was feeding his 80 tarantulas one by one, naming the different species and showcasing their magnificent colors and sizes. 
From that point on I began researching more into keeping tarantulas.  I came across which species were better for beginners and which to stay away from.  I also learned where to buy tarantulas that were captive bred instead of wild caught specimens.  As I bought my first tarantula and opened the package I wished I had stumbled upon this hobby sooner.
            Every child at one point wants a pet.  They see it during commercials or when an owner walks a dog down the street.  They want a pet but some parents are hesitant.  And they should be because owning a dog or cat or any other mammal is a heavy responsibility. 
B. smithi tarantula
If the dog falls ill or has an injury the cost can rise quickly.  According to the U.S. News article “Is Your New Dog a Money Pit?” the average we spend on our dogs is between $20,000 to $60,000, depending on the size of the breed.  That is a price tag most families cannot afford, especially if it’s a pet for children. 
           As adults we understand what makes financial sense and what does not; however children want what they see.  If your kids are still nagging you for a pet, an insect is the perfect choice.
            Countless varieties
of insects can suit any household, from hissing cockroaches, praying mantis, beetles, millipedes, and tarantulas.

Sit on the edge of your seat with the hit television show “Scandal”

By Catelynn Mueller

The television series “Scandal” is an entertaining, dramatic, and suspenseful show. Scandal is about a woman, Olivia Pope who helps Fitzgerald Grant become president and everyone life after they have helped him become president. Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald’s team would go to any amount for him to become president. After Grant wins the election and becomes president, Olivia Pope quits the team and she opens up her own firm becoming a crisis manager, which, she named the firm Olivia Pope and Associates. 
Olivia Pope and her team fix problems and crisis of those who come to her. They protect their image and their reputations and make the problem go away. The only condition she has is that they do not lie to her, and if she believes them then they will take her case. Olivia’s team consists of a group of people who each had problems and she has taken them in and made their problems go away. Her team does not know how she made their problems go away or that she even had anything to do with it.
The television series makes you want to keep watching because you want to know how everything is going to unfold between the characters. Olivia Pope and the president have been having an off and on affair together since before he became president. Watching their relationship unfold and how they keep it a secret is exciting.
 Watching “Scandal” is a nice escape from everyday life. As summer is approaching and you have more free time take a day and binge on the television show.
The main characters consist of Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington), Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), Abby Whekan (Darby Stachfield), Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes), Huck (Guillerno Diaz), Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry), David Rosen (Joshua Makina), Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young), and President Fitzgerald Grant III (Tony Goldwyn).

The first three seasons are currently on Netflix; otherwise you can go to ABC and watch all the seasons. Currently, season four is airing on ABC.  If you have off work or nothing to do you can sit down and binge watch Scandal. Scandal is a good way to escape from your everyday life. 

April 30, 2015

We should cut back on technology

By Catelynn Mueller

            Nowadays everyone is on some sort of technology. Most people carry their phone with them all the time, and that device holds on to so much information. Basically people have a mini computer in the palm of their hands.
Garreth Myers conducted research that learned that most children are on some sort of technology 75 hours a week. That means that for almost half the week children are focused on watching television, cell phones, video games, etc.
            Technology is the source of many problems with today society. People can isolate themselves and focus on their video games, cell phones, television. Instead of going out with friends or playing outside, people would rather stay instead and focus on technology.
Another negative aspect of technology is that it is causing a lack of social skills. Now that we have the internet we don’t need to meet face-to-face and  you can talk over the internet instead.  Obesity is another cause of technology advancing. People are staying inside and when they are playing with their technology they are eating. Not enough people are going outside to work out and burning off the calories that they consume.
            Technology is not all bad; it has helped the world advance. Technology has made advances in medicine and helped people overcome disease and illness.  It has allowed us to access information faster and from pretty much anywhere.  If you are lost you can look on your phone and find your way out. Technology has allowed people to communicate across the world. Skype, FaceTime, and other programs let people talk and see the other person wherever they are.
            We need to learn how to manage our technology and cut back on using it as much as the world does. A problem that I have noticed when people are with their friends, they aren’t talking they are on their phones, so instead of being on your phone when you are with your friends, put it away. Enjoy the time you have with your friends and talk, catch up. Also you can enjoy your technology but go outside and get some fresh air. Take your phone on a walk with you, so you aren’t sitting on your couch the whole day. When you are at home enjoy time with your family, put your phone is a special spot that isn’t too far away and you can hear it if someone calls. When you are in classes or meetings, leave your phone in your car so that way all of your attention is where it should be.  
            I conducted a survey about technology and the uses of it. The average age of people who took my survey was 30. These three graphs show the results of my survey:

Another question that I asked was “What are some positive and negative effects of your interactions with technology?” Some of the results I received were the following: “Positive would be the ability to find information that is accurate and being able to do that in a manner that is fast. The negative interaction would have to be it can become distracting at times when trying to focus on getting a project done,” said Liz Gavin.

Why I like being a CNA

By Vanessa Cannon

We all grow old, and as we grow old we start to need help doing simple tasks such as eating, personal hygiene, and walking. This is what a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) does. CNAs work in nursing homes, hospitals, and home care to make sure patients and residents can live their life as normal as possible
            To be a CNA you need to be patient, sincere, and have empathy for the residents. This job is different from others because you don’t always do everything the same way. Every resident is different and needs different care. You also can’t treat the resident like a job, they are a person who depends on you for help, you need to treat them kindly and help them.
            When you work as a CNA you also need to be social. Some days you are the only people that the residents will see and they can get lonely sometimes. That’s why you need to take a few minutes out of your shift to just sit down and talk with them. This is a very easy way to make the residents happy; most of them really appreciate all of the CNAs and nurses at the facility.  
            It is fairly easy to become a CNA. You take a class at CCC that is usually four to eight weeks long with clinicals and then after that you take the state testing to get your certification. After you get your certification you need to be working as a CAN within two years to keep your certification. It is a really easy position to find because most CNAs are nursing students which means that after a couple years they leave their CNA position to become a nurse.

            Being a CNA is a relatively difficult job and not really anyone’s “dream job” but it is very rewarding. You get to spend you whole shift with some really great people and you can learn so much from them. You also get to make the residents happy by just being there. I’ve been a CNA for almost two years and I love it. There hasn’t been a day I go to work that I don’t want to be there. I can’t say that I will be doing this my whole life but I can say that I am glad I became one and got a job as one.

Students sample food from around the world

Clinton Community College held an international food tasting event in the auditorium on April 16. Anyone was welcome to bring food from other cultures. Some of the foods included Mexican pasta salad, Swedish brownies, Mexican salsa and enchiladas,  and German potato salad.

Many of the students from Lynn Chamberlain's Cultural Anthropology class contributed selections, and the CCC International Culture Diversity committee hosted the event.