November 8, 2016

Students get active in the election season

By Jarrod Isbell
            September 26 marked the day of the first showdown between our two major presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as they battled for votes.
            In order to get students active in the election process, the college hosted a debate watching party in which everyone was invited. Students, teachers, and even kids piled into the auditorium to watch the big screen.
            Steven Barleen, a history teacher at the college, promoted the debate throughout multiple classes and was rather successful at it, calling it the “debate of the century” in the emails sent out. He even went as far as offering extra credit to students who attended.
            This is not the first event the college has put together to watch the debates. During the earlier part of the election, students were encouraged to meet and watch the Democratic primary debate as Hillary Clinton squared off with Bernie Sanders.
            Barleen said, ”We set up the viewing party to help students gain an interest in paying more attention to politics, and to encourage them to vote this November.” He estimated that between 50 and 60 people were in attendance the night of the debate, which he thought was a large turnout.
            Tyler Lawrence, a student at CCC, attended the debate. Lawrence said, It was fairly calm but every now and then students would get riled up at something one of the candidates said.” While it remained civilized, a few students did engage in political arguments, according to Lawrence, although nothing got out of hand.
            The U.S has set a new record, with more than 200 million voters registered to vote on November 8th. 

It’s Madden season

By Tavian Schurbon
On The Rollout: Moving outside of the pocket causes the defenses to react according to how the players would react in real life.

            Madden Football has been a successful gaming franchise for over 25 years now. This year’s iteration in the series keeps the tradition of sports gaming alive with brand new features and even more exciting gameplay than the previous Madden.
            Madden has a variety of different game modes, designed to keep each game new and fresh.  Returning this year is the Gauntlet mode, where the challenges keep growing as the player progresses in level.
Also returning this year is Draft Champions mode, where the player builds up their base team through a fifteen round draft, full of current players, coaches and even a few legends thrown in for

Study Abroad: CCC Students prepare for a trip to Ireland

By Brigita Wilson
            Opportunities like this only happen every so often. CCC is offering a chance to study abroad in Ireland for 12 days, which means a chance to explore your education and travel the world.
            Instructor Shawn Hamerlinck is chaperoning this trip as well as teaching the two required courses for the trip. One course is a three credit hour course, as well as a one hour credit class. This is a “zoom” class on Wednesday and Friday mornings.
            The trip will take place from June 1st to June 13th this summer. The total cost is $2,800. A $500 deposit is required after being accepted, and there are opportunities for you to fundraise and apply for scholarships.
            Students will visit four different locations throughout the trip: Stonehenge, Lochness Monster Lake, and Belfast. Which is actually located in Great Britain. A guide will lead each day’s activities.
            Students will stop at various places such as the Irish Parliament, and they will take part in activities such as eating lunch at a Guinness Brewery or watching soccer, rugby, and hurling. There will be an opportunity to find your Irish roots and family history.

            A chance to study abroad only happens so often, so take some time to learn more about this trip. Talk to Shawn Hamerlinck at CCC or visit the website for more information. 

Students can game during free time

By Ashley Ploog
CCC students Koby Cleary and Zachery Drury play the new Xbox system purchased by Student Senate.

            Last year CCC gained a new Student Activities Coordinator. Her name is N. Kemi Okwumabua (Kemi for short). In one year she has made some positive changes and brought together new activities for student life.
For example, Student Senate, a student led organization, recently purchased three new game systems. Kemi said, “The main reason for deciding to purchase the game systems was FUN. Lisa Miller (Dean of Students), Student Senate and myself found it necessary to spice up our auditorium. This means adding games and recreational activities for the students. We also wanted to give the students something else to do during their free time.”
Senate selected gaming because this generation is so immersed into technology and this isone way to get students to enjoy college more.
            Kemi said, “It seems like the students are excited to have game systems, especially the ones we have selected. I would say it is a positive effect with fun, laughter and competition.”
 The games were purchased with the consoles because they made more sense for the dollar. The games purchased for the Wii U are “Just Dance 2016”, “ESPN Sports Connection” and “Mario Kart”. For the PS4 they have “Black Ops”, “Little Planet 3”, “NBA 2K16”, “The Show 16”and “Quantum”. Lastly the games purchased for the Xbox One are “HALO”, “Madden 16” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops II”.
            It seems that students really like the games, Kemi said. She thinks it will be a bigger hit once they have a set schedule for when students can play them. Right now in order to play the video games, there must be a Student Senate member present or Kemi or another staff member.

            Other things that Student Senate plans to do for student life are to host larger events such as Bongo Ball on Oct 5th and Crystal Imaging on November 28th. Senate is also encouraging the campus clubs to offer more activities for students.

CCC is seeing some upgrades

By Zac Gainer
The Eastern Iowa Community College district has updated campus bathrooms to be handicapped accessible. In addition, Clinton Community College is getting a new façade outside, a new library inside, and new windows in the auditorium. 

The two million dollar project began in May of 2016 and is expected to be finished midway through November of 2016.  The architect in charge of the changes to the library is a company called Studio 483.  Swanson Construction is working on the façade outside.
Here are some pictures of the renovation in progress of the auditorium/cafeteria, library, and outside of the building and of the completed restrooms:

October 4, 2016

Free time: Use it wisely

By Jarrod Isbell

                The 2016-2017 school year is underway, and while some grunt and groan others couldn’t be more excited. This school year can cause added stress into the lives of students, and everybody deals with it in their own way.
            While not everyone has a packed schedule, some must balance school activities, jobs, and homework.
Haley Bielenberg, a student at CCC, has a heavy work-load. Bielenberg said, “It’s my first year at CCC and I have loaded my schedule with 17 credit hours. It’s a bit different than high school; my schedule is much more demanding, but I’m learning to adapt.”
Without effective time management, your schedule can go from a walk in the park to a living nightmare in the blink of an eye. Bre Gideon, a sophomore at CCC said, “While taking 14 credit hours and also working a part time job, I struggle to keep my head above water from time to time. The biggest piece of advice I can give others is to not procrastinate. Once you get behind, getting caught up becomes more of a hassle than it needs to be. Work smarter, not harder.” 
 Learning to overcome and adapt is a huge part of the college experience. This isn’t high school anymore, and the biggest challenge for some students is learning to balance all of their activities. Bielenberg said, “Although I do not have a job outside of going to class, I like to volunteer at local nursing homes, and that can take up a large majority of my free time.  I’ve learned to use all of my free time wisely and efficiently, because I know my schedule is packed. The most important piece of advice I can give to others, is to prioritize. You need to know what you have to do and get your priorities straight, and you will get things done.”
Around midterm and final exam time, the CCC advising office will offer free workshops for students on study skills and time management. Make sure to keep an eye out for flyers throughout the campus for information on times, dates, and locations.


September 22, 2016

CCC clubs are kicking off the new school year

By Zac Gainer

Two members of the new group Infect greet interested students during the 
CCC Clubs and Organizations Fair on September 7.
The wait is finally over.  Some of you may be saying, “Oh man, back to school already?”  Yep.  We’re keeping our minds sharp and our pencils sharper.  Between the countless books to be read in the library or the free WIFI access we have here at the school, students have a difficult time not finding something to do.
If that doesn’t float your boat, then maybe one of Clinton Community College’s activity clubs or organizations would.  “What’s that?” you may be asking yourself.   Clubs.  A place to get together with other people of like interest and do something fun!  Yep, the college has many clubs and one honor society available at Clinton Community College.
Chi Alpha facilitator Curtis Girod, left, and student member 
Jamie Echebarria provide information about their group.
For example, Chi Alpha is a bible study group which started in 2010. It meets on Tuesdays at three p.m. and is headed by Dewitt Pentecostal pastor Curtis Girod, who has been a pastor since 1991 and has been teaching at Clinton Community College since 1998.  He said, “Chi Alpha is open to anyone of any denomination, or of no denomination.  You do not need to be a Christian even.  If you would like to discuss the Bible, you are welcome to attend.”  Those interested may go to room 106 on Tuesdays at 3 p.m.
If you’re into board games, then the Gaming Club would be great for you.  It started last year and has an average of eight people attending each session.  They meet once a month to determine which day they will be playing board games together and then they get together and play!  Games like Twister, Connect 4, Chess, The Home Alone board game, UNO and more are available to play.  Talk to Laura Gifford at if you’re interested in attending.
Laura Gifford is the Gaming Club advisor.
             Let’s not forget our much esteemed Phi Theta Kappa honor society, only available to students with a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher.  Being a member has nice bonuses like opportunities for transfer scholarship and community service projects.
            Other student organizations include the Creative Writing club, the veterans group, the Fine Arts Club, the Graphic Arts Printer Club, The Gallery student newspaper, the Music Club, the Nursing Club, Student Networkers and Programmers, and River Talk. Whatever your fancy, CCC is sure to have an organization for you. For more information, stop in the main office or call Kemi Okwumabua at 563-244-7071.

Music appreciation instructor Michael Fee and student Nicole Stocker greet music fans.